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What is a share?

A share is an agreement between a buyer and seller that commits an agreed upon amount of product to be distributed to the buyer over a specified amount of time. In the case of our CSA, a vegetable share for example commits the farmer to provide the shareholder with vegetables for 24 weeks

How much produce can I expect each week?

The selection and amount of produce in a weekly share varies by season. Shares are typically larger in August than in June.

Small Share- 6-8 lbs each week | Large Share- 10-14 lbs each week

3 past veggie distributions for a SMALL share. A large share would be double these amounts :

Strawberries, 1 pint (that's right - even if you don't get a fruit share, you're getting fruit this week! BRING A CONTAINER)
Spinach OR Lettuce, 1 bunch or head
Salad mix, 1/2 lb
Garlic scapes, 1/4 lb
Escarole, 1 head
Snap peas, 1/2 lb
Zucchini/Yellow squash, 1 1/2 lbs

Rapini or Baby Bok Choy    1
Radish    1
Salad mix lbs. (.5 lb)    .5 lb.
Frozen tomato    1
Frozen Broccoli    1


Cauliflower, 1 head
Dill OR Curly parsley,  Choose 1
Turnips, 1 bunch
Baby Bok Choy OR Rapini,  Choose 1
White Onions,   1 lb
Carmen peppers,  1
Acorn squash,    1
Sweet Corn, 2 ears

How do I claim my share?

Shares must be claimed in-person on Wednesdays between the hours of 5pm - 8pm at our distribution location - Hour Children Food Pantry
36-49 11th St (inside the parking lot, look for the green awning).

What should I bring when picking up my shares?

A shopping bag and a few smaller bags to separate the different items in your share. If you purchase eggs and fruit, eggs cartons and containers for your berries are useful.

What if I cannot pick up a share?

Ask a friend to pick up for you or post to our Facebook group. If no one can pick up for you, your share will be donated to the Hour Children Food Pantry. We do not have the space, refrigeration, or manpower to hold your shares, and you will not be refunded for any shares that you do not pick up.