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Why become a member?

Our program requires shares to be purchased with a CSA membership. A $20 membership fee is included in the price of a vegetable share. All other share types are priced with and without memberships fees (to be purchased with or without a vegetable share).

Membership is an investment in the farm, in your community, and in your health. As a member, you will have opportunities to get to know your neighbors, join free cooking workshops, visit our CSA's farm, and participate in community potluck dinners.

Health and Freshness: The vegetable shares are organically grown and are almost always picked the same day that they are delivered to you.   Shares vary depending on what is ripe that week so you are sure to receive the freshest vegetables available.

Affordability: The cost of becoming a member is much less than what you would spend at the grocery store. Meal for meal, membership is less than 10% the cost of fast food!

Support for Local Farmers: Supporting local farms benefits the entire region by providing local jobs. We operate without a middle man which means that each dollar spent goes directly to the farmers and the people they employ. Joining the Long Island City CSA helps keep New York farming viable!

The Environment: Produce is grown naturally, without the use of chemical herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers. This helps protect the local water supply and preserve the soil for generations.

Community: In addition to fostering a healthy food community, CSAs provide an opportunity for neighbors to get to know each other better through events and activities.  CSAs also propel other community projects and improvements!

What volunteer commitment is required with membership?

As a member, you commit to help running the CSA by volunteering for three two-hour volunteer shifts for a total of 6 hours.